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This site provides maps of Japan for international tourists. These maps are very detailed (containing most small streets in- and outside of towns, as well as information about bus stops, stores and hotels), have place names in English (or at least in Latin characters), and are fully searchable. They can be used offline: after you have downloaded the maps, no internet connection is required.

The maps are based on OpenStreetMap data published on January 12th, 2020 and can be used with the OsmAnd app on most Android-based devices.


The map is divided into nine regions. To download a map, just click on the region(s) that you're interested in.

Kyushu island Western Honshu (Hiroshima region) Central Honshu (Osaka region) Eastern Honshu (Northern Tokyo region) Northern Honshu (Sendai region) Hokkaido island Eastern Honshu (Central Tokyo region) Okinawa islands Southern Shikoku island

OpenStreetMap data is distributed under the Open Data Commons Open Database license. For details see OpenStreetMap Copyright.

Installing the Map

Install the OsmAnd app on your Android device. The free version will work just fine, but of course the plus version works as well.

If necessary, uninstall any standard OsmAnd maps of the region, because they will conflict with the tourist map.

Copy the map file to the Android device. If you have downloaded the map file from this site, be sure to unzip it first.
For example, use a network-capable file manager, such as Ghost Commander with the SMB plugin.

Put the map into the osmand data folder (you can check which it is under Settings → General → Misc → Data folder)

Afterwards, you have to change the description language (Configure map → Description language) to English to see the place names in English.

Also, as the base world map has not been created using JapanMapTranslate, you will need to zoom in a bit so that your local map is actually used.

FAQ / Help

I can't zoom into the map / The map is not recognized
It is possible that the map needs to be renamed once within OsmAnd's Map manager before it is actually recognized by OsmAnd. That seems to happen especially if you were already viewing the map's region while installing it. (Map management → Local → Select your file → Rename)

The place names are wrong / sound like chinese
If safe mode is activated, OsmAnd ignores multi-language place names. Just deactivate safe mode. (Settings → General → Safe Mode)


Central Kyoto

Nara (south-east of Kyoto)

More information

These maps have been created with my program JapanMapTranslate.

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