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RapidSVN development

In the last months, I have started working on RapidSVN. Its development has been very slow for a few years, and that means it doesn't currently support some of the newer features of Subversion. So far, I've worked on the following:
  • Fixed compatibility with wxGTK 3.0 and Subversion 1.9 (partially using patches from the Debian package).
  • Support for partial working copies: In the Checkout, Update and Export actions, some subdirectories can now be left out.
  • Implement the various options that the Cleanup and Vacuum operations in SVN 1.9 support.
  • Upgrade older working copies to the current SVN library's format.
  • Improve the log list: It can now be filtered for specific types of actions (useful for large working copy updates) and provides a context menu with specific file-related actions.
  • Colorize the blame / annotate dialog according to the age of each line of code.
  • Easily show recent changes of a file (by diffing with its previous version) from the file list and the log list.
  • Fix various bugs in the Windows version.

Source code

The official RapidSVN source is now hosted on GitHub.
My current source is available in a fork (most of the time, no differences to the official source).

Binary downloads

Official releases of the updated RapidSVN version are not yet available. Until an official release is made, "beta-quality" preview releases will be available here:


The packages are built on Debian Buster (10).
Download all packages for your architecture and install them like this:
  dpkg -i libsvncpp4_0.13.0dfsg-8_amd64.deb rapidsvn_0.13.0dfsg-8_amd64.deb

Note: The armhf packages are intended for Raspbian installations.


An installer for Windows XP and newer is provided.
  • rapidsvn_0.13.0   win32
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